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December 2005

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Friends Only

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because youre super cool and you like johnny depp
you should add me
Well, I have two journals...and this is one only for the friends I have in "real life"

However, do not fear...I have another journal, which I will add you as a friend...


I update it about as much, and I can post things that my "real life" friends might not need to read.

But, you shall be added.

I am a "real life" friend. My name is Kelli and I simply adore your plaid skirt. You should add me because of my love. Also, because I am a "real life" friend.

Ahh, Kelli Leach you are fantastic. You shall be added.
oh myyyy!
amanda, will you add me on this name?

i miss youuuu.

You shall be added.
I found you doing an interest search for one of my favorite authors, Wendy Corsi Staub, and you were one of the only ones who came up. And, looking at your info, I saw that we have a lot in common. I was wondering if it would be okay if I added you?
Wow, thanks! I'll check that out!
Do you have MSN or anything?
I'm excited about the site. Have you bought her new book, Lullabye and Goodnight yet? It came out this month. She sent me a proof copy before it came out, and it is quite good. I recommend it!

And, I do have MSN, but I'm never on it. It's easiest to catch me here on LJ...I'm around here the most. But, I do have AIM, and I'm on it occasionally...would you like my screenname?
Yeah, that'd be great.. I'd love to talk to you.

And I read Lullaby and Goodnight right after it came out. I really liked it. It wasn't my favorite, but it was great ^^
My screen name is bluesongbird14

Thanks :)
I added you.
Absolutely! Always great to find a Corsi Staub fan.

Actually, I also run the fanlisting for Wendy Corsi Staub...and have talked to her through e-mails before. In fact, she has a link to the fanlisting on her official site. So, if you want to join...the fanlisting is here.

I absolutley love Benny and Joon.

add me?
Sure...because Benny & Joon is one of the greatest. movies. ever.

And, because you have a Michael Ian Black "jazz hands" icon and that makes me giggle.

I'm a zero with a capital Z.

Yo! Sims! 'Tis Emily and I have a new journal! Add me!

Re: I'm a zero with a capital Z.

Ok in Kares Journal recently you said you had a slight crush on your friend Will. So I got curious and looked at your profile you live in NC. Um do you happen to live in Wake County or did at one point? I'm asking only because I know some one named will. He sings, writes and produces music. I was just wondering if maybe this world is so small after all that we have a friend in common. And yeah I know there are tons of people out there named will but my curiosity gets the best of me especially when someone lives in NC.
It never hurts to ask, right?

Sadly, however, I do not live in Wake County. Been there, don't live there. So the Will's are apparently not the same.

Although, perhaps I should know the Will you speak of, if he writes and produces music... ;D
haha His name is William Dayton. He has a website but that boy changes his websites so much no one can ever keep track of what he's doing. If I get the chance I'll see If I can't get him to send me some music and I'll send it your way.
Why thank you very much, that would be marvelous.

Also, I've noticed you around in Kare's journal of course...shall I add you to my friends list? Only if you like, of course, but you seem rather nice and all.

sure and I'll add you as well. you seem cool. now we can say Kare and two guys named will that neither of us know brought us together. Hopeful you got the Will part lol.